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Laser Leveling Machine

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With a rotating laser projecting an entire horizontal or vertical plane of laser light, you won’t have to imagine where a finished wall, floor, ceiling or paved surface will be. It appears right before your eyes. That makes it easier to spot dips or humps in your grading, potential low points in your suspended ceiling framework, misaligned lighting fixtures or any hundreds of other leveling imperfections over a broad coverage area.

Bumps, falls and drops happen. Your goal is to prevent as many as you can—and to minimize the impacts of the rest. Hilti rotating laser levels not only help you perfect site grading, concrete pours, foundation layouts and drop-ceiling installation, they also help safeguard your tool investment with the built-in protection of drop-resistant technology.

Shock absorbing handles protecting the rotating laser level’s exterior literally help it bounce back from a fall, even when mounted on a 5-foot tripod. Internal energy-absorbing materials and resin encasements help protect the inner components. And auto-alignment keeps indicator lines in position better than any manually positioned strings or stakes.

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Laser leveling Machine - Surveying
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