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Platform Ladder 2.75m

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category : Ladders
Code : 47900
Daily Price : 60
The Industrial Platform Steps are built to a high specification industrial standard. Features include a sturdy locking bar and large slip-resistant treads. The extra-strong platform combined with a high knee rail provides a secure and comfortable work
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  • Heavy Duty Warehouse Ladder designed for warehouses and industrial settings.
  • Made from materials aluminum.
  • Designed to support heavy loads.
  • Feature reinforced steps for strength.
  • Have extra-large platforms for stability.
  • Anti-slip feets for optimal steadiness.
  • Equipped with additional handrails for safety.
  • Come with wheels or casters for mobility.
  • Have locking mechanisms for secure use.
  • Sturdy, lightweight, and durable.

Steps 5+1 Base Width 60 cm
Base Length 150 cm Platform Hight 175 cm
Total Hight 275 cm Rungs to rungs gap 26 cm
Safe working load 150 kg