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Wood Cutter Table Saw

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category : Wood Cutter
Code : 82000
Daily Price : 75
A precise table saw operating at 3,400 RPM designed for professionals. It has sturdy guides both at the rear and front. It can cut up to 93 mm deep at a 90° angle and 64 mm at a 45° angle. The maximum cutting breadth is 65 cm with its controller. The saw also features a table extension.
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  • Precision: Professional-grade table saw operating at 3,400 RPM.

  • Versatility: Cuts up to 93 mm deep at 90° and 64 mm at 45°.

  • Design: Equipped with sturdy guides at both rear and front.

  • Blade: Uses a 315 x 30 mm blade.

  • Extended Work Area: Features a table extension for broader projects.

  • Safety: Sound levels are 105 dB(A) at output and 93 dB(A) at source, with minimized vibrations across three axes.

  • Convenience: Comes with a 3-meter long power cord.

  • Dimensions & Weight: Sizeable worktable measuring 1670 x 700 x 810 mm and weighing 52.9 kg without the cable.

  • Applications: Ideal for professional woodworking, cabinetry, crafting large furniture pieces, and other precision cutting tasks.

Continuous Input Power 2000 W No load speed 3400 min⁻¹
Max. Cutting Height (above Table) at 45° 58 mm Max. Bevel Range (Left) 45 / 0 º
Blade 315 x 30 mm Power Supply Cord 3,0 m
Weight Without Cable (EPTA-Procedure 01/2003) 52,9 kg Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 1670 x 700 x 810 mm