About Sema

It began in 1992 with a simple idea: Easy Lifts to improve mobility, anywhere. Through the years we have kept close collaboration with architects, builders, accessibility consultants, property owners and end users. This has allowed us to gain valuable knowledge that we incorporate into our lift solutions. The result: Lifts that get you where you want to go.

Today you will find Sema in more than 5,000 shops, stores, warehouses and villas across U.A.E and abroad.



Sema Assembling Lifts(formerly called Al Barsha Assembling Lift) was founded by Sultan Al Marri in 1992 as a part of Toolsa Tools, Equipment & Machinery Hire to manufacture and rent cargo lifts for construction sites. Two years later; the activity grew quickly and it was separated as Al Barsha Assembling Lifts in 1995 and sales of its lifts expanded to reach new applications.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision has always been to create Easy Lifts that are both elegant and functional, exceeding all standards for commercial, domestic and public access. As you explore our product range, you’ll see this vision come to life. Every Easy Lift is built and designed with outstanding quality, comfort and safety in mind with a variety of options to suit new and existing shops, warehouses, restaurants or apartment blocks perfectly.
We are devoted to opening up possibilities for everyone — by driving breakthroughs, making us the undisputed leader in lifts.

Lift solutions by Sema will integrate seamlessly with any building, without extensive building adaptation. Sema’s Easy Lift concept will adapt to the architectural style and requirements of warehouses, shops, restaurants or libraries. It provides high-quality lift solutions for all applications.

Our Core Values
We find new, and we continuously improve ways to develop technology, products, services and ways of working.

We always strive to be perceived as responsible, reliable, and trustworthy.

We work together with heart and humanity and we embrace diversity and inclusion.


Made in U.A.E

Sema Assembling Lifts was founded in 1992 and our lifts have been engineered and assembled in U.A.E ever since using CE marked products from Italy and Spain. Sema has installed thousands of lifts across the U.A.E and export hundreds to GCC and African countries. We provide up to three years warranty on most of the lifts components and 18 months free maintenance contract on installing our products.


Sustainable Lift Technology – ECOSILENT DRIVE


What’s more, Sema lifts have one great green advantage. Our lifts are recyclable to 95% and thanks to our unique chain drive system; the energy consumption of your lift is reduced by more than 45% because lifts by Sema run on standard electricity and all connections are ''plug & play'', which makes electrical installation super easy!
Many conventional lifts use hydraulic power, which entails the use of oil. Apart from a little lubrication, our lifts use no oil at all.


Our Products

Whether your Easy Lift will be in a warehouse, shop or apartment block, you can customize the design to fit both the environment and the people who’ll be using it. Choose from a wide range of colors, tailor the textures and materials of the walls and floors and select just the right lighting. Everything, right down to the look and feel of the buttons, can be customized by you.
The cost of installing an Easy Lift is up to 70% lower than installing a conventional lift. And with Easy Lift you’ll benefit from the lowest maintenance and operating costs on the market, long into the future.

Our chain drive system has been designed and developed to fit effortlessly within public environments. It’s a piece of clever engineering that ensures our lifts can run smoothly, swiftly and silent.

You won’t find lift shafts, safety pits or machine rooms in our Easy Lifts, saving you more space than a conventional lift.

Do you want to know more? You can visit our website pages or speak to one of our sales managers through contact us details. They will be able to discuss your needs and find the right platform lift solution for you.